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revised: 01/18/99, 01/29/2000, 01/13/2006, 08/03/2009, 07/10/2011

CHAPTER 7 — Running Example Programs

Chapter Topics:

These notes show many example programs. You need to run them and play with them. The most effective way to learn programming is to fiddle around with example programs.

You don't have to type in the programs to run them. If you can see the program in a browser window, then you can easily copy it to Notepad (or other editor) and then save the text to a file. Once that is done, you can compile and run the program as described in the previous chapter.

If this is perfectly clear skip this chapter. If not, this chapter walks you through these steps.

Super Easy Way to Run Java: The web site http://ideone.com/ lets you copy-and-paste Java code into a web page text box, then compile and run it completly within your browser. This is ideal for playing with the example programs in many of these chapters.


Is it sometimes beneficial to type in a program rather than just copying it?