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Two-node linked list
# link the first node to the second
sw      $s2,4($s1)       # copy address of second node
                          # into the first node

# put null in the link of the second node
sw    $0,4($s2)

Header of Linked List

After the statements execute, the structure is complete. Memory has been laid out dynamically to implement the linked structure. In the picture the contents of $s2 and the contents of the link field of the first node contain the same address. The picture shows this as two different arrows. But both arrows are colored green to mean that they represent the same address.

The previous chapter did this in the source code by describing memory in the data section. Symbolic addresses were used to make the links:

elmnt01:  .word  1
          .word  elmnt02

elmnt02:  .word  2
          .word  0

Now the same structure is built dynamically. The addresses are in registers and you need to use statements to put them where you want. But the resulting structure is the same (except that it is done with different sections of memory).


Could you copy the address of the first node to a location in the data section of memory?