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No. The print integer method works correctly only with 32-bit two's complement representation.

Floating Point Services

To print a floating point value to the SPIM monitor, use service 2 (for single precision) or service 3 (for double precision). To read a floating point value from the user, use service 6 (for single precision) or service 7 (for double precision). These notes deal mostly with single precision.

Here is the complete list of SPIM exception handler services. Each I/O method uses a specific format for data. The methods for double use an even-odd pair of registers.

ServiceCode in $v0ArgumentsReturned Value
print integer1 $a0 == integer  
print float 2 $f12 == float  
print double 3 ($f12, $f13) == double  
print string 4 $a0 == address of string  
read integer5   $v0 ← integer
read float 6   $f0 ← float
read double 7   ($f0, $f1) ← double
read string 8$a0 == buffer address
$a1 == buffer length
allocate memory 9 $a0 == number of bytes$v0 ← address
exit 10    



(Review: ) Into what register do you put the service code before executing a syscall