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No. The decimal point is needed in the constant (at least for SPIM). This, of course, depends on which assembler you are using.

Example Program

Here is a program that exchanges (swaps) the floating point values at valA and valB. Notice how the two floating point values are written. The first in the ordinary style; the second in scientific notation.

## swap.asm
## Exchange the values in valA and valB

        .globl  main

        l.s     $f0,valA        # $f0  <-- valA
        l.s     $f1,valB        # $f1  <-- valB
        s.s     $f0,valB        # $f0  --> valB
        s.s     $f1,valA        # $f1  --> valA

        li      $v0,10          # code 10 == exit
        syscall                 # Return to OS.
valA:   .float  8.32            # 32 bit floating point value
valB:   .float  -0.6234e4       # 32 bit floating point value
                                # small 'e' only


(Thought Question: ) Can a general purpose register hold a floating point value?