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beq    $s1,$0,label          # branch to label if register $s1 == 0

Unconditional Branch Instruction

The pseudocomputer has an unconditional branch instruction that always causes a branch. The mnemonic for the instruction is b:

b     label       # branch to label 
                  # (pseudoinstruction)

This instruction behaves like the jump instruction: it unconditionally loads the PC with the address specified by label. Unlike the jump instruction, the branch target label must be relatively close to the branch instruction, as is true with all branch instructions. The 32-bit address is computed using a 16 bit offset in the instruction and the current value of the PC.


The extended assembler implements the b instruction using the beq instruction. Fill in the blanks to show what it does:

b  label     ==     beq   , ,offset

Offset is the 16-bit offset that is added to the PC to calculate label (if possible).