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Arithmetic Pseudoinstructions

With the non-extended assembler there is an  addu d,s,t  instruction where d, s, and t are registers, and an  addiu d,s,imm  instruction where imm is an immediate operand.

With the extended assembler the  addu d,s,x  instruction translates into different basic instructions depending on x. x can be a register, a 16-bit immediate operand, or a 32-bit immediate operand.

Examine the following instruction (for the extended assembler):

addu $t0,$s0,40000

The decimal value 40000 is too large to represent in 16 bits, (the range for 16 bits is -32768 to +32767) so the instruction cannot be translated into a basic addiu instruction. Two instructions must be used to add $s0 to 4000010 and to place the result in $t0.


Translate the following:

addu $s1,$s0,40000

into basic instructions. (Use mnemonic register names.)

li   ,40000    # use pseudoinstruction li
addu $s1,$s0,  # perform 32-bit addition