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Remove the "\n" from " Pounds\n".

Read String

The exception handler can also read in a string from the keyboard.

li      $v0,8       # code 8 == read string
la      $a0,buffer  # $a0 == address of buffer
li      $a1,16      # $a1 == buffer length
syscall             # Invoke the operating system.

 . . . .

buffer: .space 16   # reserve 16 bytes

Details: Register $a1 contains the length (in bytes) of the input buffer. Up to ($a1)-1 characters are read from the keyboard and placed in buffer as a null terminated string.

The user ends the string by hitting "enter". The "enter" character appears in the buffer as the newline character '\n', 0x0a. This byte is followed by the null byte 0x00. If the user enters a string that is exactly ($a1)-1 characters long the newline character is omitted from the buffer. No matter what, there is a null at the end of data in the buffer.


Is the string that is read in immediately suitable for output using the print string service?