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Yes. The second instruction in its translation is a ordinary load instruction which requires a delay of one instruction before the loaded value can be used.

Store Word (pseudoinstruction)

The nop pseudoinstruction translates into sll $0,$0,0. This is the "no operation" instruction we have been using all along.

nop              #  no operation.
                 #  do nothing for one machine cycle.
                 #  (pseudoinstruction) 

The sw mnemonic is used both by the basic assembler and the extended assembler. As a pseudoinstruction it can store a register to memory in one instruction.

sw    d,exp      #  Store register $d into the word at address exp. 
                 #  exp can be any of several expression types 
                 #  that evaluate to an address
                 #  (pseudoinstruction) 

Of course, this is implemented as several basic instructions.


Play Pseudocomputer: translate the sw instruction into non-extended instructions:

sw   $t0,someWord   

translated as:   

lui  ,0x1000

sw   ,12(  )