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No. The ideas of structured programming work for any programming language.

How this can Help You

In almost all problems (in life or in programming) it helps to have a high-level view of what you are trying to achieve. A high level view keeps you focused on the task and directs your efforts. If you don't have a high-level view, you will probably think only in terms of what to do next, and you may never reach your goal. You might flounder forever, making small moves that don't add up to progress. This is like wandering aimlessly through a murky woods without a map. Or like trying to write a novel by picking one word at a time. Not likely to succeed.

In programming, a high-level view is given by a top-level structured flowchart (very often the Universal Flow Chart, modified to fit your task). Structuring forces the chart to be a genuine plan and not merely a poorly-conceived collection of boxes and lines. Any program can be designed to be structured. If you show your program in a structured flowchart with a small number of boxes, it will be a top-level plan.

Now you can more sensibly focus on smaller tasks, and then yet smaller tasks, using the same method. This method of divide and conquer is a very powerful technique.


Does your life need more structure?

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