created 06/27/2003

Chapter 16 Programming Exercises

For these programming exercises, use only those instructions that have been discussed so far in these notes:

add lhu sb
addi lui sh
addiu lw sll
addu mfhi sra
and mflo srl
andi mult sub
div multu subu
divu nor sw
lb or xor
lbu ori xori

In the Settings menu of SPIM set Bare Machine ON, Allow Pseudo Instructions OFF, Load Trap File OFF, Delayed Branches ON, Delayed Loads ON, Mapped IO OFF, Quiet OFF.

Run the programs by setting the value of the PC to 0x400000 and then single stepping (pushing F10) or by multiple stepping (push F11 and enter a number of steps). Observing the results in the SPIM window.

*Exercise 1

Your program has a data section declared as follows:

      .byte   12
      .byte   97
      .byte  133
      .byte   82
      .byte  236

Write a program that adds the values up, computes the average, and stores the result in a memory location. Is the average correct?

Hint: there are two easily-made errors in this program.

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End of Exercises