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About how many significant bits do you expect in this product:

01001010 ×  00010101


About 12 significant bits.

The mfhi and mflo Instructions

There are two instructions that move the result of a multiplication into a general purpose register:

mfhi    d        #  d <— hi.  Move From Hi
mflo    d        #  d <— lo.  Move From Lo

The hi and lo registers cannot be used with any of the other arithmetic or logic instructions. If you want to do something with a product, it must first be moved to a general purpose register. However there is a further complication on MIPS hardware:

Rule: Do not use a multiply or a divide instruction within two instructions after mflo or mfhi. The reason for this involves the way the MIPS pipeline works. On the SPIM simulator this rule does not matter.


Must you move the result of one multiply from lo and hi before you start another multiply operation?