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(Thought Question) Do most actual computers start up as a Bare machine?



Loading the Source File

File Open Menu

Modern computers boot up to a user-friendly state. Usually there is some firmware (permanent machine code in EEPROM) in a special section of the address space. This starts running on power-up and loads an operating system. SPIM can simulate some basic firmware, but we have turned off that option.

File Open Selection

Load the program into the SPIM simulator by clicking File then Open. Click on the name (addup.asm) of your source file. You may have to navigate through your directories using the file dialog box.

If there are mistakes in addup.asm, SPIM's message display panel shows the error messages. Use your editor to correct the mistakes, save the file then re-open the file in SPIM.


Can the text editor and SPIM both be open at the same time?