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A user types "400000" into the value box, clicks OK, and sees the PC change to 00061a80. What Happened?


Without a leading "0x" the characters "400000" are taken to be an integer expressed in decimal. The PC is loaded with the binary representation of that integer.

Running the Program

Push F10 to execute one instruction. The first instruction executes, loading register eight with a 2 (see the register display). The PC advances to the next instruction 0x00400004 and the message display window shows the instruction that just executed.

Single Stepping the program

Push F10 two more times to execute the remaining instructions. Each instruction is 32 bits (four bytes) long, so the PC changes by four each time. After the third instruction, register 8 will have the sum of two plus three.


What is the sum of 0x0000002 and 0x0000003   ?