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Several Translations

All programming languages other than machine language must be translated into machine language before they can be executed. A high level language is independent of architecture. It requires a specific translator (compiler) for each architecture. The more modern the language, the more distant the source code is from the machine language. FORTRAN is 50 years old and is closer to machine language than modern languages. Here is a statement in FORTRAN:

result = 6*alpha+beta

Here is a translation of that statement into MIPS assembly language:

lw  $t0,alpha           # copy alpha to register $t0
lw  $t1,beta            # copy beta  to register $t1
mul $t2,$t0,6           # multiply $t0 times 6; result in $t2
add $t2,$t2,$t1         # add $t2 and $t1; result in $t2
sw  $t2,result          # copy answer to result

Here is a translation of that statement into Digital Equipment Corporation VAX assembly language:



Is the architecture of the VAX similar to that of MIPS?